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Benefits and Advantages of Whole House Humidifiers


Dry sinuses and a raspy throat. Cracked wood and plaster. Aggravated allergies. Itchy skin. Static shock. Joint and muscle pain.

Do any of these sound familiar? These and many other health problems can be caused or amplified by low humidity levels in your home. If low humidity levels are a problem in your house you may want to consider having the Bucks and Montgomery County PA whole house humidifier contractors at AccuTech install a residential home humidifier to increase your family's comfort. Not only will the increased humidty levels add to your feeling of ease and comfort during the dry, cold winter months common to residents in our Bucks and Montgomery County PA service areas, there can also be a cost saving benefit.

Because dry air makes you feel colder than humid air, you can actually turn your thermostat down in a house equipped with a residential humidifier but feel just as warm. For instance, a temperature of 69°F at 35% relative humidity feels the same as a temperature of 72°F at 19% relative humidity. By lowering your thermostat just three degrees you'll see a savings in the amount of energy you're using – EPA estimates suggest that you can save up to 4% on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat.

Low humidity levels aren't just a problem for your home's occupants. Hardwood floors and musical instruments such as pianos and guitars can be damaged to the point of cracking by dry air. Don't let your investments get ruined. For better health, increased comfort, energy savings and protection of your home and other investments, call or contact the Pennsylvania whole house humidifier contractors at AccuTech today.

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