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Our Air conditioning Preventive Maintenance and Tune-up extends the life of your air conditioning system and practically pays for itself

Fewer Repairs

Annual preventive maintenance allows your air conditioning systems to work at peak efficiency year in and year out. And an air conditioning system that is maintained annually by an expert air conditioning service technician experiences considerably fewer breakdowns. So you virtually eliminate the need to pay for costly air conditioning repair services. Nothing's worse than turning on your home air conditioning system on a hot spring day only to find it's not working properly. Avoid inconvenient air conditioning repair services with our Spring Air Conditioning System Service Tune-Up.

Lower utility bills

Further, a home air conditioning system operating at peak efficiency saves you money on your utility bills every time it clicks on. In some instances, the energy savings are enough to pay the cost of the planned annual air conditioning system maintenance service.

Have Your Air Conditioning System Serviced by a Trusted air conditioning Contractor

You wouldn't trust other home maintenance and repairs to just anyone – why trust your home heating system maintenance to anybody but the best?

Spring Air Conditioning Service Tune-Up Checklist

Our trained and bonded air conditioning system professionals will perform a thorough air conditioning system "tune-up" that will ensure your central air conditioning system remains efficient and reliable for longer. Our annual air conditioning service includes checking electrical connections, replacing filters and cleaning the air conditioning system inside and out.

Click the words Spring Tune-Up on the image at right for a complete description of our Spring Air Conditioning Service Tune-Up.

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Take the Worry Out of Your Home Air Conditioning with Our "Worry-Free" HVAC Maintenance Program – we call you

With AccuTech's comprehensive maintenance program, you'll never have to think about your home heating and air-conditioning system again. AccuTech will call you each spring and fall to schedule your HVAC maintenance "tune-ups" and make sure your home's air conditioning system, heat pump and home heating system are up and running. In addition to our thorough all points check up (see the box above for complete details), during the time you are under this contract all HVAC service calls will charged at Preferred Customer rates.

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