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AccuTech – Experts in Indoor Air Quality Pennsylvania Homeowners Can Trust


What's more important than keeping the air you and your family breathe healthful and germ-free? Concerns about indoor air quality (IAQ) have increased in recent years and AccuTech is at the forefront of helping our customers test, monitor and improve the quality of the air in their homes.

AccuTech provides a variety of IAQ services and equipment for our customers:


  • Indoor air quality testing and monitoring

  • Mold and odor removal

  • Air duct, furnace and vent cleaning

  • Air purification systems

  • Electronic cleaners and filters

  • Residential humidifiers and dehumidifiers

  • High efficiency air cleaners and filters

  • UV light cleaning systems

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality – Pennsylvania Homeowners Turn to AccuTech for Answers & Solutions


There is not one single cause of poor indoor air quality. A variety of factors can contribute to the problem, from indoor pollution sources and inadequate ventilation systems to an abundance of moisture in the home. In particular, too much moisture in the home can lead to a variety of issues, including mold, mildew and other biological growth which can have a profound effect on health such as allergic reactions, asthma attacks and other, more serious illness.

Indoor air quality issues reinforce the importance of good ventilation in order to protect your health, your family's health and your home. If you are planning a renovation now would be an excellent time to contact AccuTech. Our HVAC experts will survey your home and assess any opportunities to improve your home's ventilation in order to minimize unpleasant odors, indoor pollutants, potentially dangerous gases and other irritants.

Even if you are not renovating your home you may want to consider having your air ducts cleaned and inspected. All duct seams and joints should be sealed, preventing contaminants from entering the ductwork and circulating through your home. Not only will this improve indoor air quality but you should also see energy savings from this improvement to the efficiency of you HVAC system.

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