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AccuTech’s Geothermal Central Air and Heating Systems are eco-friendly and very cost efficient


Put Geothermal heat pumps to work for you. It’s Green and cheap


AccuTech provides a cleaner, greener, more cost effective way to do heating and cooling, by using what's right underneath us. Geothermal heating and cooling is growing in popularity across the USA and Accutech technicians are ahead of the curve in the assessment, and installation of cost efficient environmentally friendly Geothermal heating and cooling systems. Plus we provide the same 24/7 service you've come to expect. Call today and speak to our Geothermal Service Manager, Jim Brewer.

Benefits of Geothermal heating and cooling


  • It uses a natural, renewable energy source--the earth beneath you

  • It heats in the winter at savings of 40% to 60%

  • It cools in the summer, saving up to 30%

  • It provides hot water at high efficiency

  • It is a proven, reliable technology with trained local support

  • It is fully capable of handling the worst weather the tristate service area can offer

You'll hardly even know it's there


The Geothermal heat pump takes up no more space in the home than a regular heat pump, but without the constant noise.
You can hardly hear it working, no constant droning of a heater, or air conditioning. You really will hardly know it's there.

Go Green with savings AND Tax benefits


It's not all about the green of the environment, there's a whole lot of green going right back in your wallet too.

Geothermal heating and cooling saves you money in the long run. It can also save you money right away, visit Energy Star to find out more about 30% off your geothermal installation, just for being a little green.

Get a Free No- Obligation Energy Assessment


So, you know you want to reduce your “footprint,” and do right by the environment, But is Geothermal a good choice for your situation? Our IGSHPA Accredited Geothermal installer will come to your home to discus your current energy needs and figure out what type of geothermal installation is the right one the keep you comfortable, and most importantly save you money. Call 1-800-799-1657 and ask for a Geothermal Energy Assessment today.

The Savings are REAL


Think about it. You don’t ask when your current central air and heating system will provide a payback. You’re just happy it works efficiently. But a Geothermal Systems has the potential to reduce your gas and electric costs by 65% in the Bucks and Montgomery county area. There are variables, like the size of your house, what kind of systems you have now, etc. But, these systems save money, and are eco-friendly. Call an experienced Geothermal contractor that services Bucks and Montgomery counties at 1-800-799-1657 and ask for a Geothermal Energy Assessment today.

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