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Customer Projects and Reviews as posted on Angie’s List


We had a new heater and air conditioner installed by AccuTech and we are very happy with the job.  The techs who installed the systems were professional and courteous.  We we were in a heat wave when the air conditioner broke.  Within two days everything was installed and operating at full capacity.  The house was left completely immaculate at the completion of the job.  We would recommend AccuTech to everyone.


Ann and Joe S. - Philadelphia, PA


Thanks for the tremendous job!  Your work is super professional!


Carmen N. – Philadelphia, PA

Yes!  We are very warm & comfortable!  Your solution to solving the heating problem in the TV room works beautifully!  We wish to thank you for your attention and an excellent job!


We would also like to compliment your team for their professional installation.  Their work and effort was commendable! 


Again, our thanks.


Maryann & Jim F. – Norristown, PA

We were so impressed with our experience that we couldn’t let it go without telling you as much.

"After three attempts by other contractors, you solved our problem where others didn’t even bother to look.

You are prompt. You are courteous. You are concerned. You do not give up amidst frustration. You are well versed in the trade. You are able to think on your feet. You take the time to figure things out, where others have simply given up or didn’t even know to look further. You do things right the first time. You see things through, exhausting every possible scenario until you get it. You identify problems where others haven’t even thought or cared to look. You are straightforward with us.

You were willing – and able – to answer all of our questions, allowing us to fully understand the problems, and then also the solutions.

If we had to base our impression solely on the kind of people AccuTech hires, you are already the smartest service company I know. I don’t say that haphazardly or half-heartedly. Each of you, individually, far surpassed our expectations… fixing problems whose solutions have eluded countless companies before."

Melissa G. & Tom C.

I called to schedule an annual A/C inspection.

“I was especially pleased to not have any surprise add-on charges and to receive a report that the unit was functioning well and did not need repairs. Very pleased.Was not expecting same-day service, but it worked out that way. Mike, the contact at the office, was responsive and explained the service. Wayne, the technician, arrived promptly, was courteous, and finished the service in under an hour.“

Cavin L. - Horsham, PA

Installation of an air conditioning unit in our 45 year old house including new duct work throughout the house.

“My 1965 house has baseboard hot water heat. AccuTech needed to install duct work in addition to the air conditioning unit.

All work was completed in a professional manner. The technicians arrived each day (it was a 5-day job) on time, and immediately went to work. Each technician was polite and professional in their demeanor and work performance. The technicians cleaned up before leaving, so that there was no residual material on the floor. The installation required going through closets for the duct work, and choices on which closet were discussed with me for minimal impact to our lifestyle.

We had one problem one week after installation, and despite the fact that it was a Sunday night - and an hour drive for the technician on call, he arrived pleasant and quickly performed the minor maintenance.

I would highly recommend this company!!”

Patricia V. - Thornton, PA

AccuTech serviced our overall system, removed part of our the pipes in the kitchen for the oil heating system in the house, installed a kick plate heating system in the kitchen, and installed new thermostats.

What really impressed my husband and I was the time that they took to answer all of our questions. I also felt that their recommendations were based on what was best for us and not what would make them more money.

We contacted AccuTech, they provided a consultation and an estimate and we signed a contract for them to do the work. On the day of the consultation they checked our overall system and gave us a good understanding of how our system worked. We just moved into the area and have never had an oil system before.

On the day the work was to be performed, the AccuTech technician was extremely professional and provided great tips and advice as he moved along the work areas. He removed part of the heating system in the kitchen and installed a kick-plate heater in its place, he installed new thermostats throughout. Everything went smooth, the price fair and they did the job on-time. Looked over the work carefully and it was well done.

Luisa R. -  Doylestown, PA

Problem with water heater

Mike in the office was great to work with and helpful with whatever questions I had. I found them in the yellow pages last year when I had a problem with my hot water heater and they came out the same morning to access the problem, and then installed new hot water heater on the same day.

AccuTech helped me with two additional rebates. The installers were extremely courteous, fast and efficient. Very happy with this company. I've been in my house for 10 years and I'm glad I found AccuTech. I had 3 other HVAC companies through the years and always felt like I was being ripped off and never got the same courteous and helpful phone contact that I get with Mike. Very happy to recommend AccuTech.

Kathleen M. - Horsham, PA

We had a problem with our air conditioner – Glad our friend recommended AccuTech, saved me a bundle!

Our air conditioner wasn't cooling properly. We called in one company and they said our unit was too small and needed a whole new unit about $10,000. We had a friend recommend AccuTech. They came in and gave us an evaluation. They felt that the unit needed some repairs and proper fluids first, then we could see if it worked or not. AccuTech did the repairs, and the unit worked fine. The air conditioning was more than enough. They were very knowledgeable, prompt, and their estimate and bill were very close. Everything I would want from a professional service company. Glad I got a second opinion. If anything goes wrong, they get my met phone call. I trust them. And It’s not often I can say that.

R. Walsh -  Doylestown, PA

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