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Nest Thermostat Replacement and Installation


Nest thermostats boast smart features like mobile control and the ability to adjust to your usage patterns automatically. It seems the only thing this sleek and intuitive device can't do is install itself. Once up and running, the Nest is a pleasure to use but removing old thermostats, navigating wiring, and in some cases running wires inside of walls render the Nest anything but plug-and-play. These issues were not overlooked by the Nest team and their website conveniently directs consumers to Nest certified installers like our professionals at AccuTech Mechanical Service.

Nest thermostat replacement and installation can be as easy as making a phone call. Our technicians will cover the set up of your new thermostat from 'in the box' to 'on the wall.' You can relax knowing a professional installation ensures that your smart thermostat will utilize all of its best features. You can also relax because you won't be removing your old thermostat, finding the correct wires, and potentially running wires through your walls. Our professionals will be able to handle all of that work for you. We can even get your device connected to your home's wifi network.

One of the major selling points of the Nest thermostat is that it saves owners a significant percentage on their annual heating and cooling costs. The official Nest website purports that the average home using Nest saves approximately $130 - $145 every year.   If your nest is improperly installed – or still in it's package and not installed at all, your loosing out on that savings. With this factor in mind, professional installation proves economic as well as convenient.

Start enjoying your Nest now with an installation from our certified techs. Call AccuTech Mechanical Services at 215-822-9115

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